Part 1: Private Lesson

We have an online booking form. Enter your details and you will receive a payment request from our secure server. Once that has been paid we will send you confirmation.

Follow these 6 easy steps to book your Ski/Snowboard private lesson with us:

1. Contact Us:

Please feel free to ask us about the availability first via WhatsApp/Wechat/Facebook messenger using the chatbot (bottom right on this page) or contact directly from here.

2. Check Availability:

If you desire specific Ski resort where you wish to have your lessons, please let us know in advance. But if you have not decided the Ski resort yet, please don’t worry, we’ll recommend you the best Ski resort based on your skill level, the snow conditions, and location.

3. Deposit Payment:

 Please make the payment of 20% deposit through “Book Now” button below after you receive the confirmation from us.

4. Reservation:

Then, your lesson will be secured, (we require the rest of the payment before your first session starts)

5. Lesson Details:

We will provide you with the details to contact us, meeting point and information of your arranged instructors.

6. Enjoy your Lesson:

Hit the slope and have a pleasant Ski/Snowboard lesson experience.

The first resorts in this region tend to open at the end of November every year. Lower resorts will aim to open around the middle of December. Skiing continues until April in the lower resorts and the last resort to close is usually sometime in June. January and February are mid-winter and generally have the heaviest snow.

Whichever you are most interested in. If you only have a short time skiing can be a better choice for your first experience. Snowboarding is better if you can give it a whole day so that you give yourself the best chance of figuring out the balance.

An instructor can only teach one discipline at any one time. The instructor will be demonstrating what she/he is asking you to do so will be wearing the same equipment as the student.

People of different ability levels have different needs so one instructor cannot teach them both at the same time. The instructor will normally teach to the person with the lowest level of skill in a group. You are welcome to join the lesson if you would like a recap of the skills in your lesson. You may be better served, getting an instructor that can focus with you on your goals.

Night skiing lessons, however will have students of various skill levels.

You have the instructor for a certain number of hours. It is perfectly acceptable for the instructor to spend time with different students if you would like to split the lesson up like that. It can be a good use of time also where the students can benefit from focused one-on-one instruction.

We can teach a big group of students if you wish but it is not the best use of resources. Students tend to learn more in smaller groups and the quality of the lesson is far superior.

We provide lessons in both English and Chinese language. Our instructors are professional and multilingual. We are also in search for talented multilingual instruction. If You know on please ask them to keep in touch.

No. Purchase of our lesson doe not consist of our free transportation service. Purchase of our rental gear and equipment only consists of our free shuttle service from your hotel to any Ski resorts of your choice.

Normally, it takes time to choose fitting gears and also to reach to the ski resort as well. Therefore, it is advised that you should separate at least 40-60 minutes for rental fitting and trip from your hotel to the ski resort.

No. The private lesson price does not include lift passes and equipment rental fees.

We try to offer as much consistency as possible in your program by arranging your lesson with the same instructor each day.

Both group and private lessons can be great depending on your goals and budget. Private lessons are the best for quickest skill improvement and for meeting your personal goals, but are a higher price. Group programs are a great way to meet other skiers of a similar ability level during your program, and are a lower price.

Part 2: Rentals Equipment

Yes we do. Check out our rental page!

Probably. We carry a good range of equipment. Boot sizes up to 31cm are easy to come by. If you are worried about any size issues, let us know in advance by filling our rental form after your reservation. We will prepare your rental equipment before you arrive in our shop according to the form.

My ski boots are uncomfortable and difficult to walk in.
Mine too. Unfortunately that is just how they are.

You need some kind of eye protection. The glare off the snow, even on a cloudy day is not good for your eyes. Goggles are good if it is snowing and many people choose to wear them in all conditions. Sunglasses are an option if it is sunny or cloudy. Trying to ski when you can’t see well is no fun. You can buy or rent goggles at most resorts and rental shops, including ours.

This always depends on your  personal preference but generally seen as a good idea to wear one.

The lesson fee covers the instructor. You will need to provide your own equipment and lift pass. Insurance that covers snow sports is also a good idea. Money for lunch or drinks if you require.

The rental equipment and gears for the whole day. You can use it even after you complete your lessons. After you are done practicing, then we can take you back to our rental shop later in the evening

If you are renting equipment for more than one day then we will take your rental equipment back after your lesson ends and reserve separately for your use for the next day.

Yes, we provide a day before fitting session for our customers who has ski/snowboarding lessons early next morning. This session has proved to be really helpful for smoothing the lesson for our customer eliminating any hassles who has booked early morning lessons with us.

In case the reservation is not used and the cancellation is requested then we will refund the full amount.

Follow these 5 easy steps to book your Ski/Snowboard rental with us:

1.Check Availability

Please feel free to ask us about the availability first via WhatsApp/Wechat/Facebook messenger using the chat box (bottom right on this page) or contact directly from here.


Please choose the appropriate gears and make the payment of the rental fees of the equipment online. 

3.Share Your Details:

Please fill up your rental details here and submit after the payment. We will prepare your rental equipment before you arrive in our shop according to the form.


Once you are ready at Echigo-Yuzawa station or at the lobby area in your hotel in Yuzawa, Please inform us about the time you wish to be picked up via SNS. A driver from the rental shop will arrive within 7 minutes.

5.Enjoy Your Day

Your rental gears are waiting according to your size, after fitting we will take you to a ski resort of your choice.

Part 3: Ski  Resorts

We can teach anywhere in the region and further afield if required. We are happy to advise on a location if you are unsure. You can see some of our thoughts on the Mountains page.

We will arrange a meeting time and place with you in advance. You will be looking for our bright yellow uniforms and should also have a contact name and number for your instructor.

We can discuss about lift passes when you are here, because there are many options for the lift pass available in every resort, therefore, it is better for us to know more about your skill level before, then we will be able to suggest suitable ski pass for you.

Part 4: Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling requires huge amount of natural snow compared to Skiing and snowboarding.  Therefore, we provide Snowmobile tours starting from X-mas and New Year period.